Anne Diertens ( Rotterdam 1969) is a Dutch autodidact photographer based in Rotterdam. She feels privileged to tell stories through images and make those moments last forever. Her creative journey started with her first analog camera when she was a child. During her childhood, the family was closely associated with nature.
“I remember our camping holidays, the bike rides and walks as beautiful adventures. My father shared his love for capturing life. He inventively built a darkroom in the bathroom of our house. A movable shelf was folded over the washing machine and bathtub. He taught me to look and encouraged me to experiment. My knowledge, but especially my curiosity about the world around me, was stimulated even more.”
Her camera work always starts with an irrepressible desire to tell a story. She is in love with 'looking' and that is why she uses her camera to observe even more and to understand life itself. Whatever purpose she shoots for, her images are always imbued with a sensitivity and love for people, the environment and materials that encourage us to look positively at the world around us.​​​​​​​
Photography is her way to connect and to express her ideas for others to see.
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